The Beau Dacious Story

It all began with a lil’ pup with a bigger than life personality. Beau, as he was known, wasn’t like most small dogs. He loved to run and play with the big dogs, eat out of a big bowl and snooze in a big bed. In Beau’s mind, his pint-size didn’t matter! Beau also had a good heart and loved to share his treats with his friends. His audacious and good-natured behavior was infectious and the inspiration for the Beau Dacious Biscuits line composed of delicious and savory flavors suitable for those big or small barks. You can find these tasty bites and treats at retail locations across the U.S.

CVP, and its brands including Beau Dacious Biscuits, is proud to support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives. To learn more, visit:

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